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In my lifetime I have lost a lot of beautiful individuals
I hope your watching down waiting on my arrival People that I love more than life itself
You taught me the importance of believing in oneself Most of you are the reason why I try to be the best at what I do
So I don’t just half ass anything I do it in remembrance of you
Now that your gone sometimes all the motivation is gone
But in my dreams I hear you telling me to keep willing on
So I look up to the heavens and ask for their help
Within seconds your presence is what I felt
A Disney movie that I watched a longtime ago said ” The past Kings are always looking down and watching over me”
So every now and again I look up to you for answers and for you to still be close to me
Sometimes I feel like I just wont make it to see my Birthday
Please give me a chance to shake up the world like and earthquake
Now I’m just begging that you give me a sign that will finally set me free
So I can eventually see love, pain, art, and soul in some art of beauty
Dream of Angels but live amongst all kinds of demons
I want to give up but I have no reason
So like a growing tree I will keep getting taller with this poetry
When you read what I write it will symbolize all the greats from the past
I promise to keep your name going and your legacy will never die fast
In a dream you told me to come see and pay my respects
So from this day on I will leave a Rose on your grave and show that my roots are what I will never forget…..


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