Drugs & Poetry - ACEthePOTHEAD

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New Poem From
NEW Drugs & Poetry EP 

Artistiek Dope - ACEthePOTHEAD

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Artistiek Dope Here
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Love & Pain

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When you scratch this back I know you love me
Show me love and I will give you ecstasy
Let me take you to a world where the love and pain begins
Pull me close so we can release all of our sins
Shot after shot, pill after pill, kiss after kiss
The night gets hotter and the moans get louder as we indulge in each others lips
The love in the air Is think and the sex is passionate
Emotions start to rise as she throws me into bed, time to dominate
She takes a line off my chest
Moaning sweet luscious melodies as I caress her breast
For tonight will be apart of our history forever
These two feelings are what keeps us together

We enjoy hours on hours of drugs, love and pain
The drugs this evening I think it drove us sexually insane
How does it feel for It to be running through your veins
Let these words pierce your heart as my body ignites your soul
Your intentions were to take me piece by piece but you then decided to enjoy me whole
With every bite I smile and bite down my lips
Penetrating you tonight is my greatest wish

Living life out this night with no regrets
Taking advantage of every moment
For you may never live like this ever again
Bring those drugs and I will bring you love and pain
Confess to each other our deepest thought as the pills run through our veins

Poems for women

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They always ask do I write my poetry for the women
I guess my answer would have to be wait and just listen
Baby just let these lyrics touch your soul
Show you what truelove feels like so you can treasure it like gold

These are the words that I write when I'm in the studio late
Working hard for our love, because I know that is something you can appreciate
One day the world will read all my deepest stories of the woman I love
Read thoughts of me flying away with my beautiful turtledove

So you ask again do I write poems for women
I guess I do but you have to wait and keep reading
I can write a poem just saying I Love I Love I Love I Love I Love I Love You
Knowing that my word will protect you even if I'm not close to you

All I want to do is make you feel good
Make you see things that you didn't think was possible
Close your eyes sweetness everything with me is achievable
Inject love into your heart, and maybe you can feel me
Wish for me, love me into sweet ecstasy
End the night with a kiss and tell you that this love is true

So you ask me again do I write poems for women
But I don't answer, because you know my poems are just for you .... oxoxoxoxo LA

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In my lifetime I have lost a lot of beautiful individuals
I hope your watching down waiting on my arrival People that I love more than life itself
You taught me the importance of believing in oneself Most of you are the reason why I try to be the best at what I do
So I don’t just half ass anything I do it in remembrance of you
Now that your gone sometimes all the motivation is gone
But in my dreams I hear you telling me to keep willing on
So I look up to the heavens and ask for their help
Within seconds your presence is what I felt
A Disney movie that I watched a longtime ago said ” The past Kings are always looking down and watching over me”
So every now and again I look up to you for answers and for you to still be close to me
Sometimes I feel like I just wont make it to see my Birthday
Please give me a chance to shake up the world like and earthquake
Now I’m just begging that you give me a sign that will finally set me free
So I can eventually see love, pain, art, and soul in some art of beauty
Dream of Angels but live amongst all kinds of demons
I want to give up but I have no reason
So like a growing tree I will keep getting taller with this poetry
When you read what I write it will symbolize all the greats from the past
I promise to keep your name going and your legacy will never die fast
In a dream you told me to come see and pay my respects
So from this day on I will leave a Rose on your grave and show that my roots are what I will never forget…..

Up Against The Wall

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It's over, what am I to do with out your presence
You have always been the reason For my confidence
How can I show the feelings that I have for you
When I look back at all the problems that you put me through
I'm tired of all the pain and all the lies
I don't know why I didn't make a better decision when saw all these signs
When you love some one do you purposely try to hurt them?
Especially when it's so hard to get that love one out your system
I promise to love you till the day I die
So please give me your heart so we can finally share mine
I just want to show you what's truelove really looks like
So I beg you to let me make you smile

They say it's better to love than lost but I wish I never loved at all
Now that you can't be found I feel like you have broken down my walls
Left me with the question of what it would have been like
If we had only been doing right
Sometimes that's what life gives you
It's up to us to make it work so our dreams can come true
One may never know what true love is like
Unless the they're looking for the light

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