Poems for women

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They always ask do I write my poetry for the women
I guess my answer would have to be wait and just listen
Baby just let these lyrics touch your soul
Show you what truelove feels like so you can treasure it like gold

These are the words that I write when I'm in the studio late
Working hard for our love, because I know that is something you can appreciate
One day the world will read all my deepest stories of the woman I love
Read thoughts of me flying away with my beautiful turtledove

So you ask again do I write poems for women
I guess I do but you have to wait and keep reading
I can write a poem just saying I Love I Love I Love I Love I Love I Love You
Knowing that my word will protect you even if I'm not close to you

All I want to do is make you feel good
Make you see things that you didn't think was possible
Close your eyes sweetness everything with me is achievable
Inject love into your heart, and maybe you can feel me
Wish for me, love me into sweet ecstasy
End the night with a kiss and tell you that this love is true

So you ask me again do I write poems for women
But I don't answer, because you know my poems are just for you .... oxoxoxoxo LA

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