Up Against The Wall

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


It's over, what am I to do with out your presence
You have always been the reason For my confidence
How can I show the feelings that I have for you
When I look back at all the problems that you put me through
I'm tired of all the pain and all the lies
I don't know why I didn't make a better decision when saw all these signs
When you love some one do you purposely try to hurt them?
Especially when it's so hard to get that love one out your system
I promise to love you till the day I die
So please give me your heart so we can finally share mine
I just want to show you what's truelove really looks like
So I beg you to let me make you smile

They say it's better to love than lost but I wish I never loved at all
Now that you can't be found I feel like you have broken down my walls
Left me with the question of what it would have been like
If we had only been doing right
Sometimes that's what life gives you
It's up to us to make it work so our dreams can come true
One may never know what true love is like
Unless the they're looking for the light

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