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We fight all all day, we fight at night where is this going to take us
Love is a very strong word but how strong is the word trust
Longer we stay together, we begin to change with the season
Or love as to be stronger whether you like it or not that's my reason
I call you names when I'm mad just to get under your skin
We drop bombs on each other when the real love lies within
You take me to a place where I've never been before
I hate to see when I have you crying on the floor
My intentions aren't to hurt you, I want to show you that I love you more
Give you place to stay so you don't have to worry about this storm
Sooner or later it will pass and I will be here to keep you warm
Promise everything will be OK so please don't be alarm
Our love is great and I will never say it's perfect
Let's find the flaws together so in our future we can correct it
We must learn to stop using these weapons to hurt each other
Be strong and come together as a couple and help one another
I always say I love you but then we're back at the bullshit
Staying up all night arguing about something so stupid
Is this real love I'm sorry that I can't take this
When my heart starts to run away, you always seem to chase it
I know that your made for me, you know my strengths and my weakness
When ever I seem to hurt you my heart is at its weakest
Together I know that we can be stronger individuals
Someone told me that new love is so cute, but with time it can be beautiful
I just want peace with you, not trying to share a piece of you and I promise never to say peace to you
So I ask....
why we gotta argue, why we gotta fight
I just wanna love you, I wanna make it right
It's like we both forgot what we were fighting for
So tell me why are we at war?

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