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I'm always thinking about all the great memories
Growing up wishing that I would one day make it so I can live out my fantasies
Picture a young man sitting in the corner writing all these beautiful stories
About hate, love and finally completing his destiny
I Think about all the people that I've known that died in a accident
So therefore I pull out this paper and let all my pain vent
And try to take you through my world so you can see all the happiness and pain
With this poetry I write down most of the memories that I never want to see again

Are you willing to give up what you love for who love?
I say no because I promise to take you with me to the place above

I've met people that have dreams and real life it
Took it from being a dream to being an accomplishment
To all my friends I hope that you make it, never want you to be a memory
When I finally past I hope that the world will remember me
I love my girl so I'm going to have to get us this victory
She has the same dreams with me, and the top is where we both need to be
Everyone wants to make it so they can look back at there memories
Celebrating your success with your friends and your family
Talk about everything that got us to where we need to be in life
Pray to GOD and thank him for helping us open our eyes
Sometimes I wish I could go back because some of them were my best memories
After this I pray you don't ever forget me
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