My Last

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I promise to write every poem for my people like it's my last
Put everything on the line for my family like it's my last
Drive this car to success with no intentions to ever crash
So Help me teach the youth about all the greats in our past

In high school did everything like it was my last
Now I'm in college and I'm the top student in every class
So I'm gonna take this drink like it's my last
Enjoy all the special times we spent like it's my last

I want it all Like I never had it before take the right chances and watch it open all doors
Just have faith in me because I have a lot of great poems in store
When I finish performing tonight hope I get an encore

I want my lady to be able to get anything that she wants
So she can walk down the street and all she has to do is flaunt
Appreciate everything that has to come in the near future
Who wouldn't want to win a game so they won't have to called a loser

I've been trying to step up to the plate since nobody will expect it
Throw my own parties instead of showing up on everyone's guest list
Watch one day I just want to be well respected
And do things that no one ever projected

Have you ever dreamed of rocking auditoriums
Maybe one day with a team of poets we can turn up a big stadiums
"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”
When you fall stand up brush it off and start laughing

Live, Love, Laugh and make it last like it's your last


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