For The First Time

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For the first time

The room was dark with a candle in all four corners
Clothes getting ripped off symbolizing how much I want her
Slow jamz playing in the background to set the mood
Lyrics of sex playing in our hears basically telling us what to do
The kiss was filled with lust for the first time
Every time our lips connected a shock went through her spine
As the night progresses the foreplay gets fantastic
I bow my head down low to play with her clit
The first time I touched her she gasped for
breath like it was her last
Her eyes went back in her head as if she was trying to look back at her past
When I moved deeper inside her the moan that she made would echo off the walls
As I swam through her warm wet waterfalls
She would say my name with the sweetest voice
For the first time I knew that i was the right choice
To look at her from the back is so amazing
Giving it to her fast and slow her body is for the taking
Her face in the pillow hands grabbing the sheets
All you hear is her voice screaming out "go deeper inside of me"
So like a gentleman I gave her whatever she like
For example I rubbed from her neck to her stomach down to her thighs with a cube of ice
She pulls me in close and stabs her nails into my back, kissing the lips I have tatted on my chest
This is our first time and I want it to be her best
Too bad I was just dreaming about the first time we had sex

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