She is My Fantasy

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She is my Fantasy

GuevaraI walked pass your work place and watched you through the window
Wish I had walked in just so I could be close to you
I know your older than me but there are certain things that i want to do
That's to be able to kiss your lips and rub over your tattoos
Don't know when I will get the balls
To tell you that I found the key to the lock in your chest and now I want to open your inner walls
I never met a woman that drives me crazy all the time
Making me fantasize about giving her the world and stroking her inner thighs
I sometimes wonder how deep I can get with my words without touching her
If eventually she will just give me a idea of what is one of the tattoos under her skirt
Who am I kidding I will never get a chance to kiss those lips
But that what stop me from making that a wish
Maybe one day I will let her give me a piercing
Exchange numbers so we can talk about something interesting
Tell her that we can do it all night
Got to be smooth with it because I want everything to be right
I guess I want to put my tongue places it shouldn't be
But this is me keeping It a buck with Britanie G
You should be in front of me So I can make things more clearer
Don't need to have sexual relations but we an do other beautiful things in front of the mirror
So tell me what you want me from me
Tell me all the place that you want me to lay you down gently
So we can get under the covers and you whisper something sexy
We can help turn each other on and doing something crazy till the break of dawn
I have this crazy feeling deep down that your a freak
So let's talk about what I can do to you before we go to sleep

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