Sober up

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Have you ever thought about taking you life away
Well I remember the nights when shit just wasn't going my way
The deep lonely nights when I held the Hennessy bottle close to me
Thinking hard and wondering why GOD won't just take me out my misery
Days went by and I didn't want to think straight
When you saw me I had that i feel like dying look on my face

When will I sober up?

I remember losing friends that were close to my heart
Every friend that i I lost was like a piece of me getting ripped apart
I've done so much wrong why should I repent to you
People like me don't need second chances am the worst individual
Some people die from the bottle but I survived by it
I try to show I'm not afraid but it's hard to hide it

When will I ever sober up?

Sometimes I say to myself that I can take this
Hopefully one day the light will be in my radius
But until then I will climb all mountains until I get where I need to be
So I will wipe the tears from my eyes and so I can see the sun
So GOD please watch over me until that day as come

Now it's time to Sober Up....

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