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Your body deserves everything that I want to give it
Kisses all over a massage I even want to lick it
I just want to please you
Take you to unknown place and do things you would never do
Every time I touch your heart should beat a second faster
Make love until the sun comes up and smoke a blunt after
I don't know why but your presence perplexes me
Your essences gives me images and I have the urge to play out fantasies
Lips are so beautiful and your body is so soft
Your great individual and things I want to do to you can never be a turnoff
Sex is great when it's innocent
Moan here, moan there never complete silence
Sex is amazing when you can look at each other and crack a smile
Kiss here, kiss there and the stare in each others eyes
When your with someone you love everything else shouldn't matter
You should remember the good times and look forward to the future
Like I said sex is great with head, but it's all better in bed

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