Chase Our Love

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR

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Have you ever fell in love with someone that you knew you weren't going to ever see again
But the energy between the both is so strong that your destined to follow them to the end
Them being away from you was just never the same
Doesn't matter what weather, I would try see you even in the rain
This type of love between two people is one of a kind
But believe that it could happen at any time
They say love would make you do the craziest things
Might even lead you to start traveling
To chase our love....

Fly away just to make love in London
Have dinner in Paris, trust this can all be done
Go to Venice and have moments that will last for a lifetime
Or we can just go to Germany and stare in each others eyes
This is the type of love that I'm looking for
Someone that I will do anything for, a person that I can adore
So name place that your willing to go
Because I'm ready to Chase Our Love just for you

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