She's So Amazing

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I have been looking for the girl of dreams
I've met a beautiful woman that only wants to be with me
I know that our relationship is never fading
Because She Is So Amazing

When I see her she makes my soul so happy
Her beauty cuts me so deep
But my pain is her love, and that's all I need
I love that she is not controlling
Just another reason why She's So Amazing

She is my beautiful monster
When she hugs me I love the feeling of her squeezing harder
I swear to god I know now that I need her
Being with her makes my days brighter
If you met her, you would see she is so loving
Maybe you'll say She's So Amazing

Sometimes I feel like your my eyes
And I can't see with out you but I don't mind
Your give me the Passion to write, taught me how to feel pain
The pleasure is all mine and I love sharing with you time and time again
Her love is what I have been chasing
Damn why is She So Amazing?

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