I'm Ready For You

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My whole life I have been looking for my calling
For some reason nothing as ever called until now I'm going express my feelings
I feel like I will find it soon, sooner or later
Its time for me to go hard now or never
Writing from the heart as been an amazing journey
Next couple of years I'm going to see how far it will take me
I've been through so much, not a lot of friends around
But I think this poetry is going to take me far and I will shut it down

I'm Ready for you

At my age I think I'm ready for a lot
I planted a lot of seed so deserve everything that I got
Like your luscious scent that as taking over the scent in my clothes
I'm ready for the beautiful love that we can me, hope you know
I want to copyright our past, and continuously write our future
Teach you whatever you need to know call me your tutor

I'm Ready for you

I'm ready to succeed in my future and always be with you
Make your scent my personal perfume
These are just the little things that I want to do
Like runaway to California and enjoy the constant summer breeze
Writing will always be will be the other love that completes me
I know we can make it far, because it all apart of the plan

I'm Ready for you
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