Girl Of My Dreams

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The first day I saw the girl of my dreams
I asked Is this the girl that I been looking for to be my queen
Or is she just someone that I just wanted to get into there jeans
Every now and again we flirted with each other
The first couple days I tried to act like I didn't even notice her
Crazy thing she was doing the same, made it little bit harder
Is she the one for me
Because she is the girl of my dreams.....

I remember the day I saw her leaning on the wall
I finally grew some balls
Stepped up to the plate and asked for her number
She smiled and I knew I wanted more than her just to be my lover
I love talking to her and she loved listening
So when I got the number it was history in the making
We spoke about me being with her and her and being with me
Every night on the phone we wouldn't hang up just fall asleep
This is the girl of my dreams....

I met a lot of girls in New York, but your the girl of my dreams
So I'm hoping she is the for me
I asked her out while we were eating and Asian salad
Her eyes lite up, and that night I have never got her out my head
There has been a lot of brick walls stopping us from being successful
but someone told me we need each other to be better individuals
She told me we had to break up, I hope we make up
And I know its time to wake up
To the Girl of My Dreams
Because she is the one for me....

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