Set Of Wings

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Woke up next to my baby this morning and
that made me feels so good seeing your
With me I know that you will always be safe
Made you a perfect breakfast before you to
go to work
Cater to you because that's what my woman's
I enjoyed when we were in the shower and I slowly bathed
I love you girl and these are the special things I enjoy to
What I enjoy about you the most is before you left,
you took care of me
Made sure I got everything that I need
Gave you that kiss goodbye not knowing that it would be you the
i didn't know i would never kiss your perfectly shaped
I didn't know that I would want you back so bad, that's my only
I remember getting that terrifying call telling me that you were
hit with a straight bullet
I remember falling to the ground screaming out that I don't believe
Without hesitation I jumped in the car heading to you destination
Driving downtown on the phone with you father telling him all the
Wishing and praying that everything will be okay
But I guess today wasn't going to be that day
Because as I took my eyes of the road for just a second
I ran into the back of a trailer and this could probably be the end
Now I write this letter for the anniversary of your death
But I know you got your Set Of Wings since the day you left
So I chose not to mourn over your passing, but celebrate all
the memories that we share
Since the accident my left arm as been paralyzed, that doesn't stop
me from showing you how much I care
I can feel you protecting me the way I did for you
Because your heart is so genuine and I know this is what you would do
I remember what you smell like every morning
I know I will see you again when I finally get my Set Of Wings

Dedicated to all those that have lost someone.....

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