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I remember seeing you behind such a beautiful color

Admiring your beauty all it did was make me wonder

About what it would be like if me and you laid down in yellow rose

Nowadays when I see that color it's so hard for me to stay focus

Yellow means hope and happiness, I hope when you read this your heart fills with happiness

Maybe when you read this the brightness consumes your inside so you can enjoy this

Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future

I just want to love you, teach you no lesson and give you no lecture

I want to be able to come home and lay with you in your yellow sheets

Stare at you when your sleep hoping that your dreaming of me

When I see yellow I think of you my beautiful angel watching over me making sure I'm safe

I saw a yellow sunflower and kept it in water so that our love can be saved

Yellow is the color of life live forever, ever and ever

Will Amarilla keep us together

I wonder if you know how powerful and how important you are

You need to know that you are the reason that I smile most days

In my head you are and will be my only star

And your the only woman that will get me to change my ways

Amarilla is my favorite color

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