Takes Time To Love

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I remember the days when all I did was rush in love
I just wanted to be able to share the air like two turtle doves
I wanted to have someone that I could care for
Someone that I can adore

But It takes Time

I always wanted a special lady to be laying by my side
A woman that I could be with for the rest of my life
I want to be able to wake up and stare into her eyes
Seems like no one can be trusted and I know why

It Takes Time

I thought I found love but it was just me falling for the wrong type
Later on I found out it was just a big ass lie
I know now that I must find someone that I trust
I will find that special someone there is no need for me to rush

But It Takes Time

Because I know that I will be fine
I will find that woman that will one day be mine
She is out there, when I find her she will open my eyes
She will get me out of all my lows and introduce me to my highs

It Takes time

I know there is people that know how I really feel
When you find someone but you never know if its real
Or if the relationship Is going to make it to the future
I hope that one day I can just find her

But It Take Time To Love

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