Trust And Loyalty

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When I was younger I was always
taught to have have respect for those who took care of me
But never turn my back on my foes
because they will be the one that will one day save me
These days it's seems like we don't
need to respect the people that came before us
For some reason people forgot about
the word trust
The closest person you call you friend
could be the ones that stab you in the back
Even if your not famous, they hate
you because they just want to be where your at
So they will do every and anything to
kick you off your ladder
Stop you from making it to the top,
and make the simple things much harder
Seems like your closest friend is
willing to kill you over a girl that
they won't be with forever
They're willing to step on your
fingers to make themselves feel better
As much hatred we have for
someone that turns their back on a beautiful friendship
We must learn to forgive even
though there will still be all kinds of gossip
Trust and Loyalty are words that can
drive you crazy if you don't treat them right
But those words can also help you have a perfect night
Cruelty has a human heart and jealously as a human face
So I promise I will never let these
two keep up with me any race
I feel like once I give you my trust we
Can be friends till the end
But like Martin Luther King said "In The End,
we will remember not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends"

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