I Could Fall In Love

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I Could fall in love with you but I feel like it would hurt
And don't want our relationship to get worse
I could fall in love but sometimes I don't think you ready
For who I am and I don't think you will accept me
So instead of telling you I chose to keep it to myself
I believe that not telling you is going to help
Our relationship make us love each other even more
Will it open our eyes, finally let us open doors

I could fall in love with you

But what would that do
If what we have is not going to ever be true
When love comes along I want everything to seem brand new

Like its the first time that we met
I don't want our relationship to just be balance on sex
I want being with you to be like a trip to disney world
When I'm with you I want to be able to drown you in diamonds and pearls

I could fall in love

But I'm scared to give you all my trust
Don't worry I will fall in love and we will love each other so much
Don't give up on me and walk away
Because so you will have all of me so please just stay
And keep me close to your heart
Honestly don't know if I could deal with us being apart

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