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Now that we are not together I see and hear your voice everywhere I go
I try to move on because I'm tired of thinking all about you
I sat up at night burning every photo that we ever took
I hate that you have me so hook..

Weeks have passed and now I have finally got over you
But I hear the radio playing songs we danced to now I'm feeling blue
Everywhere I go there is a song that plays and your in my memory
I heard All My Life and that was night of our first anniversary
The sad part is as much as I can't stand the music and can't seem to walk away
As mad as it makes me I sit and listen to these songs all day

What am I do so I can get over you?
If every song that plays reminds me of all things that we use to do
These to stupid love songs
Have me wondering what your doing and if your alone
The music has me regretting that I let you go
But I still can't seem to turn off this radio

The worst part about this is everything that I seem to write is about you
Everything song I listening to turns out to be the truth
I want you to leave me alone I beg you please
God I beg you to stop this music so I can finally be able to go to sleep
I know now music makes you see things that you didn't know
That's why I can't find the energy to turn off the radio

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