Poetic Greatness

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It all started one night when I got beat down in this place
I knew that I had something great because I could of died but I just had swellings on my face
When I laid in my bed so my body could heal
The Poetic Greatness was all over me and that was all I could feel
In my dreams I took a visit to a place called the Poetic Mansion
I believed that this is where every great poet goes to make there confession
As I looked to my left I saw Langston Hughes
He said "you must believe in Yourself ACE and teach kids to believe in themselves too"
I Kept walking and I saw a door that said meet the ultimate being
Open the door and I ran into Dr. Martin Luther King he gave me a letter
The letter said that You must write a speech to make the world that we live in better

I couldn't believe that I was finally meeting all these great people
If you ever want to be taken seriously pull your pants up, I turned around and it was Maya Angelou
She gave me a pen and paper and said "one day you will know what to do"
You will write with rhythm and become one of billies old school blues
For there is nothing tho shall fear
I heard that accent and I knew it had to be William Shakespeare
To be or not to be is what he decided to tell me
I didn't know what that meant when I was younger and I still don't know what it means know I'm over twenty
As I stood there in shock couldn't believe what I seen
I saw the most beautiful woman ever her name was Nikki Giovanni
And I was hoping she would Step in and save me....
She pulled me to the side and said god created you for a reason
It's time for you to step up to the plate and tell poets about the new poetic season
She told me something that had me tripping and that led me to start spitting
I knew I wasn't going to be great until I one day visited Walt Whitman
I walked into a class and I was told to shut and listen
My teachers were E.E Cummings and Emily Dickson
Next to me they were two seats and I could tell that there never late
My classmates are John Keats and William Blake
I was still in shock and I started to get dizzy, when I fell GOD caught me and said it's time to get busy
"He said now that you have met with your poetic greatness I will need you to step up to the plate and take this

I know that poetry is mine

I need to make intelligence a law and ignorance will always be a crime

That's my definition of Poetic Greatness

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