Hello, Good Morning

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Every morning I remember when I saw my dad
These are the days when I was really happy the days that made me glad
I also remember the day he never showed up to say Hello Good Morning my son
I wondered what happen and was it something I have done
For years I blamed myself and became rebellious
I couldn't help but be malicious...

I remember when I actually saw him again
We drove to a place that wasn't fun at all, my mother said this is a prison
When I saw his face I couldn't believe that this was the man
The man that I haven't seen in years dad please come home, he said "son I wish I can"
Hearing his voice made my heart skip a thousand beats and it brought back all the memories
I sat there and told him about all my stories
And how much I wish he was with me....

Weeks later he sent me later and it said
Dear son
I'm sorry for leaving you and I hope my apology is accepted.
I wish I was with you to teach you the little things
Show you how to be a man and tell you what the world brings
I'm sorry for not telling how to talk and treat a lady but hear this, walk like a god and your goddess will come along
Make sure you keep writing poems because that is what will keep you strong
No longer will I be there to knock on your door and tell you Hello, Good Morning
So you must get up out bed and show the world that your not boring
Because as long as your free these prison walls will never contain me
You were made in the image of me and you were blessed with Creativity
Don't be the same man that I was, take your future by it's horns
Steer it to the road of success and don't get stopped by any storms
Son promise me that you will treat your kids with love and respect
I want to your life to perfect

All I can leave you with now is Hello, My Son

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