Miss Me (When I'm Gone)

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


I Just Hope You Miss Me When I'm Gone
I'm I tired of all this drama sometimes I just want to be alone
There is no need for me to go through all these trials and tribulations
The only reason I wake up every morning is to see your face you are my aspiration
The time we spend together is the best we ever had
Every hour, minute and second with you never makes me mad
For example the nights we spend on the beach under the moon
She fell asleep on my chest and the next day we woke up it was 12 in the afternoon
Or when I'm writing a page and all I can say is I love you, and your the only person on my mind
Or just like the days when your in pain and your tears are coming from my eyes....

For you I wrote this letter to explain how much I'm really in love you
I want you to be set for life so I had to do something new
Taking this writing thing serious so every poem and story I write is dedicated to you
But I also joined the army, I figured this was something that I had to do
But the only way you would be reading letter is if I have I passed away
I do promise that I will be watching over you every single day
I do want you to promise that you will never forget about me
I also want to say I didn't think it would end like this I'm so sorry
I just hope that you Miss Me Now that I'm Gone

Dedicated To All the soldiers and love ones that have passed away in the pass 10years


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