When Winter Comes

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR

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Summer means so much to me
But that I feel like she doesn't even want my company
I use to love see her beautiful smile
But I no longer want to keep her my side
She only wants one thing from me that requires me to sweat
I just want my space and give a hug when the time is best
I'm not trying to say we have to be apart
But I feel like Winter as my heart
She doesn't ask for to much
You don't even want my love and that sucks

I don't want to sound soft but Winter give me the love that I really need
She snuggles on me the most perfect time when I'm sleep
The love and respect that I have for Winter will alway spring
I'm sorry Summer that we had to fall like an old building
But this is a part of life
In July I was there for you all night
Now that we are in November I know it's over for this ride
For some reason I do not feel bad inside
Now that the weather is changing this something that I had to decide
I do something since we are changing seasons
I knew that one day you would be leaving
I was always told that the hottest love as a cold ending

I wonder what is going to happen now
I wonder is this love going to be here everyday after tomorrow?

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