Down In Daytona

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This the trip that I've been waiting months for me to finally go on
Remember meeting her in the airport standing all alone

This girl and her body was just so seductive
I wanted to do things to her that I knew was going to be productive

Then I finally started a conversation
Good thing I didn't follow my imagination

She is 6ft 1" with that sexy caramel skin
I told her come Show me around, you might like me and she started laughing

She told me she found her niche on a radio show
I already told everything about me that she needed to know

We spent the whole night together
Being with her made my vacation so much better

As our night started to end I got kiss and that wasn't all
The weather was warm and then the rain started to fall

Now we are kissing in the rain this is the most typical fantasy
I followed her back to the room and know I why her name is Juicy

I whispered in her ear that I want her so bad
I also said I could give her things that she never had
She looked at me and laughed

So I had to prove myself I had to take her Down
not tonight, but tomorrow we can go at least six good rounds

Our first night together all we did was talk and sleep
And that wasn't even half the stuff I did on Daytona Beach

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