Go Home With You

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The first time I saw her I knew that she was the girl that I want to be with
Something about her skin the way her body is shaped just made me want to touch it

The big problem is that she just seen me give my girlfriend a kiss
But I didn't care I knew who I wanted to go home with
Laying in bed with this mystery girl is my only wish

She got a smile like Mona Lisa
I want her in my room with the lights off just so I could be her teacher

I snuck off with this mystery girl to the bathroom because I couldn't help myself
We locked the door behind us and I threw her up on the shelf

We began to share these deep passionate kisses
Every kiss felt the way you feel when you get all your presents on your wishlist

I started having my way with her beautiful body
She knows how much I really want her so all she does is tease me
And I can't lie to you, this is so sexy

She spread her legs and I went down and started licking her pussy
She grabbed my dick and began tasting me and it drove me so crazy

We left the bathroom like nothing happened with each other
But i wanted to go home and put my dick real deep inside of her

As I sat with my girl all I could think about is how she made me so hard
And how I want to eat her up like a snicker bar

I know this Is all some wild shit
I'm going to be honest she isn't really a mystery girl she is my girlfriend main chick

I know it's bad but, the only mystery about this girl is, will she let me pour chocolate on Her breast
The answer is yes because we been doing some wild shit ever since we met

I love spending time with her, I love when she is in my home
I just hope she doesn't tell her friends because no ones needs to know

Don't you hate this bullshit
In the beginning i picked the wrong girl and now I know who I wanted to go home with

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