I Can Change Your Life

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There is a couple of things that I will do for you
To me you are so special and here are simple things I would do
To make you happy because I know what your use to
I will never put my hands on your pretty skin
I just want you to believe in me from within
I know I can make you happy
I hope you will let me
And I will make your puzzle complete
I'm not saying this to be sweet
We been pass that, I'm telling you what I really mean
A guy like me baby is what you really need
Just take a deep breath and give a me a chance to prove we will last
Being with me you want even remember all the things in your past
I want to be everything that you been wishing for
I promise that I have all the things that you always wanted in store
Just let me change your life
Let you view a new world in my eyes
Promise everything will be alright
The love I have for you is definite, permanent and we both know that everything will be perfect
This guy that you let hold your heart doesn't even deserve it
He thinks that he owns you and that's foolish
So I'm standing here waiting for you to give me your hand
It's time for you just give me my chance

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