Doesn't Mean Anything

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I took care of you this long and I can't believe that you really gone
Because of who I am I try to stop crying, be strong and one day move on
But you finally became apart of my appearance
I feel like you perfected me and you taught me a life long experience
I will always love you even though I didn't get the chance to hold you in my arms
Thinking about makes me cry bout it also keeps my calm

Life Doesn't Mean Anything

I've dreamed about how much of a perfect man you would have became
And it hurts me because I know from this day on we can never be the same
On the outside view people thought that I would always have it all
But now that your not here I don't know if I can keep on walking, and believe I will oneday fall
It's feels like my heart as been knocked out of place
And I have no one that will ever keep me safe

Life Doesn't mean Anything

I wish that I could at least got to hold one time and see if your eyes were like crystals
But I'm glad I didn't bring you in the world because This life is so evil
Even though your gone you will always and forever be apart me
I'm not going to stress my self because I know that one day will finally meet
I don't plan on telling you good bye, I'm just going to say see you soon
Goodbye is like me never seeing you again, see you soon is saying one day my dreams of finally meeting will come true

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