Coming From

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Getting out this place is hard
But it makes you heart strong and gives you ashy knuckles
But if want a better life you must do you part
You about to hear the tales of young black male
I have to succeed there is no need for me to fail
I was taught a lot of things by this hood
Did something things that was really all that good
I fought a lot pushed some weight here and there
But I'm tired of this life, need to find success but I don't know where
One thing this life shows you is the real life
But It hurts to see my family struggle and my mom cry
I had to be a grown man at a young age
Now that I am a grown man it's Time for me to change that page
Get out of this corrupted world
Get my mom in a mansion and drown her with diamonds and pearls
There are days when I walk through the park and remember what's his face was killed here
But I will did was roll a blunt because no one really cared

I not trying to put fear in anyone's heart
I'm just saying doesn't matter where your from everyone possess a special type of art
I want to show you how real life is
So step up and stop being so stupid
Honestly you don't need to be nothing like
But please don't get taken in by these streets
In the hood all kind of bad things can happen
For example Sean Bell won't even make it to his wedding

New York Is Where I'm coming From


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