Closer To My Dream

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I always had a dream that I was going to be a poet
But some reason I didn't know how to do it
I remember sitting down in my room as kid talking to myself
I know it sounds crazy, but I had an imagination and it honestly helps
I created characters that kept me company
Got older and those characters that I made, I started to use them in poetry
I had so many ideas, that I created and unlimited world where every thing was possible
So I stepped Closer To My Dreams and know everything is visible
Everyone probably thinks that I can't do it
My only goal is to be happy and make everyone feel foolish...

2years later...

I realize that no one was going to help me so there was certain things had to do
I had to be the man and show people what Im writing is all true
I was tired of being Urkel all these years so I decided to be jahleel
Take my mother on trip so we can finally have and expensive meal
I just want to be high off my success
Do things that no one would have expect
Want to be able to look back at my life knowing that I mad all the right choices
I can see myself in the future standing in the street just rejoicing
In the next year or two my book is going to be dropping
With a publisher or not people will be seeing what I write is popping
Sorry success is my only option
I just wantto do things that you haven't seen
I feel like I'm a step closer to all my dreams

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