Your my Favorite Tattoo

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There is something about them that turn me on
Seeing all that ink on your beautiful body as became my inspiration
Not to get a whole bunch of tattoos
For me just to be real close to you
Damn you got those most beautiful body that I ever seen
I want to cherish your body and treat you like my queen
Every tattoo means something like the dictionary
For example the zipper on under your neck means you will release your heart to me
When we make love I enjoy caressing your body with my hands and my tongue
When we have sex I will prove that my name tattooed on you should be one
Hopefully I can catch up and maybe pass all your test
I just realize that we both got LOYALTY across the chest
So maybe we are just made for each other,
Your the best I ever had lucky me now your my four leaf clover
To me you are art and I would love for you to lay there naked
And let me admire your beauty and then see where my poetry will take it
To me writing about us making love and how our tattoos signify trust
Or me explaining in details how you left your tatts when you were scratching me up
As i sat there this was all I could up with...
A portrait or drawing or meaningful design;
color or shaded starts with one line.
A small piece of art, something unique;
a statement to make, that's what we seek.
A special idea drafted for you
And I entitled that Your my Favorite Tattoo

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