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I met her at this local strip club
Not knowing what I was going to get into
but I did know I was going to find love.
When I saw her I couldn't believe my eyes
She had the fattest ass that I've seen In a long while.

I couldn't believe that I was going to pay this woman for her body
Yes I know this all sounds a little bit crazy
She got on top and started kissing all over me
I told you she was a Sex Feen.

As everybody watched she whispered in my ear I want you to choke me
I looked at her like what the hell, I am a gentleman so I guess I will do it gently.

She grabbed my dick and slid it inside of her
I started stroking and she shouted out go harder
I think this was the craziest shit I ever seen
Don't judge me she is the Sex Feen.

As we fucked I saw singles fall from the sky
We were now the topic on everyone's mind

But I really didn't care this was a great feeling
She came on my dick and all this did was tease me
I still couldn't believe that I was in this situation
But she does give a great blow job, I just needed to mention

Don't forget I told you she was a Sex Feen
The saddest thing about this story is I didn't even want her to be my queen

But don't judge her or me this is just beautiful place we been.

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