I left That Life

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


Remember the days that I stayed on the streets
Beating up young people that didn't even bother me
We were divided with two colors red and blue
Now I stand in front of so true

I remember the old heads were standing on the corner in front the store
These are who we called the hood star entrepreneur
I use to be the young nigga with the flag around my head stopping
the knowledge from getting to my brain
I thought this was hustle I didn't think there would be no pain

I remember all we did was go on the ave and fight wars
Never really knew what the fuck I was really fight for
I knew that I had to change because all my friends we dying and leaving me alone
And I didn't want my name to be next on a tombstone
These streets have been covered with cowardly fake gangster
They never will do anything, they are just pretenders

So now I'm hear trying to explain what you young people should do
Before you get placed into a casket covered in red or blue
You may love the game and where your at
But there's no love in that type of life it won't ever love you back

I hope what I'm saying is finally getting to your brain
And know it's time for us to live and maintain.


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