Far From Over

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Life is crazy, I guess when you get
older that's when you realize you
shouldn't take her for granted
I know the lord is fucking tired of give
me all these damn chances
But I want stop until I'm at the top of
my game proving everyone wrong
I've been told all my life that I will
never be nothing, and that has be
playing in my head all day long
I know one day these words will pay off
and every word will finally show
it's true meaning
I'm tired of not living life to her fullest potential,
it's time for me to wake up and stop dreaming

Show the world that I will always be
a walking notebook and my words can never be erased
I'm different from any other writer
that you have ever met I feel we're in a different race
It's about time I take this industry for
a ride through the most inspirational mind there is
Show the world what a young man in the united states actually as to give
I can't see writer's block coming towards me any closer
So I'm going to keep living what I write till it's over,
but honestly it's far from over

I must say writing is the sweetest thing that I ever known
I want to be different I don't want to be any of the past writers clone
I just want to be acknowledged for the greatness that I will achieve
Show all the strangers, friend and even the family members that didn't believe
I hate when people want to be like everyone else
I can't help it even if I tried I can only be myself
I know I can be a great writer because this something I was bless with
They mad because this one Poem is better than any all there bullshit
My word all like psychic readers, they told me the future and said " he ain't a poser"
And everybody that I know can't wait till my life is over
They just mad because I'm like the reaper to this paper and pen
I'm sorry fellas this writing shit will never end.....

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