Better On The Other Side

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR


I always wonder how it
would be
On that side is life less crazy
Does everyone take care of each other
Are we all family father, mother, sister and brother

I guess now I will know by experience
I didn't know at the age 21 I would make an appearance
I was always scared to pass away
Now I don't care because today is my day

I hope this is the type of poem that make angels cry
Now that I'm gone I won't even ask god why
Everyone in the world will have to go sometime
I just hope there is less violence on the other side

The world we live in is filled with turbulence
Young babies die everyday and the are filled with innocence
I realize there is no need for me to be here
And I'm putting all my heart in this poem with no fear

Now that you know how I really feel
And learned that this world is so unreal
I hope you all can forgive me and
don't cry
Because I know that it is better on the other side

I want to say rest in peace to all the greats that came before
And I hope we will meet when I come knocking on heaven door
I promise that I will never forget where I come from
But I had to do this it feels like in finally got freedom


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