Writing..... Is Beautiful

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Writing is something I love to do, and I will never stop until I die
If I didn't write I honestly don't know what my life would be like
There is times when i feel like should write my whole life away
Or at least until my hand bleed ink every single day
I ask myself sometimes what do the great poets out there think about before writing
How do they get in that zone, and it gets to a point where they can't hear anything but the pen on the paper running
What makes a poem or story so exciting, I don't know read it and see what you get out of it
I'm the type to sit there and let the words speak to me, when that happens that's how I know Its the shit
When I write I want you to be able to picture what I'm saying as If you were there
When I really start writing it makes your mind run, get your girl wet so beware
At the end of the day i don't need nobody these words keep me company
I talk to them they talk to me, I write about it then the words tell me what I should say next week
I will never stop writing something about it keeps me higher than usual
I guess you can say Writing..... Is Beautiful

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