Lucky Me

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There alot of things I regret doing, couple of girls I lost because I was foolish
I think today is the day I need to stop being this stupid
Time for me to make my lovely mother proud
Write these poem so I can perform one day for a crowd
I put up a front for these people so they can think my life is so perfect
Even though my heart is so damaged I don't even know what part of it is left
But when I write poems I feel so good sometimes and it makes me so proud
I hope to god one day I will get to perform for a crowd
If I am able to do anything in life postive
I hope I can use poetry to make my life into something
Everyone wants me to be a star
But I never knew that it would be so hard
I got to put a front up for this people even if my world is so down
But it's time for me to use my poetry and turn alot of lives around
One I will make everyone so proud
And everyone will be so hype that I finally performed for a croud ;)

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