Black Roses

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This is the woman that I gave alot of my friends up for, it was all about her
All the fun adventures that we had like me putting my hand up her skirt
But I know now that all the shit I did was pointless and know I feel foolish
Love is a strong word to use, especially when coming out you mouth it's nothing but bullshit
Women always complain about how men treat them terrible in life
Because men don't walking around crying doesnt mean our heart is not hurting all the time
I was always told Love Dont Cost A Thing but I knew that wasn't true when I bought that promise ring
I knew you was down for me, you couldn't soar in the air with me didn't want to be my wings
It kills me that the love that we once had is gone like the wind
But no matter what I need you out my life, I need to move on an I'm determine
I man shouldn't always be in a relationship kissing ass and it never pays off
It's suppose to be a half and half thing and I know that now so you have to be gone
Tired of this relationship so I have Black Roses for this dying love
You will never see me again in you life I put that on everything above

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