Love Lost

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When we first got together or love was so strong sometimes I felt as if it couldn't be broken
But as days went our love got weaker and I could tell what route our hearts were taken
The night you told me that we couldn't be together anymore I couldn't believe what happen
Now realizing because I wasn't home with you when you needed was the real problem
I guess when a man loses his love that's when we realize where are heart really was
Night after night I would dream about the times I would stare at her until she fell asleep and laid in my arms
Or that I sent you roses and tulips everyday of the week just because
When I lay in my bed I miss your warm body laying down in between mine
If I was ever granted one wish it had to be for me to reverse time
Now that I notice all the mistakes that I have made in our relationship it's to late
And I know that I will never have you again so I drink my life away
I know how much you always loved me and I all I did was abuse it
So will Always write about your love, and you will see and feel the words of a true poet
I ask myself how can I fly without your wind beneath my wings
I promise if you give me another chance I will treat you like the woman you are a QUEEN

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