Ready To Make Love

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Every real man remember the first time they mad love to there girl
I know you remember it being one of the best night in the world
I remember that hanging out with her at bar on a rainy night we talked for a minute so far everything is alright
We made joke and the night couldn't get any more perfect and this is love I think you should know
After a few shots I realized it was time for me to get ready to go
As I was walking away she pulled me back licked on my neck and said can I come, but I couldn't say no
We ended up in her house and threw all our clothes to the floor
To be honest I don't even remember if I turned around and shout the door
Her skin was soft, smooth and warm she even had tattoos on her left and right arm
This night is going by so slow that I can hear her heart beating hard
As night went on I noticed her grabbing her sheets and biting her pillow
Then she said to me softly ACE I need you to go in for me real slow
I guess when your making love your heart is actually involved and it helps you go on for hours
Night is getting better and better because now we left the bed and heading go the shower
I guess you now how I get down when
I'm Ready To Make Love
Your blood is rushing, heart beating fast not listening to your brain above

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