One Love

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Sometimes it takes a person a lifetime to find the one that they will give there all too
But when we are finally put in that situation that we wait for we have know idea what to do
No matter how many relationship a man goes through in his life time there is always that One Love
The girl that was always good to you, the girl that is as pure as a white dove
I met a girl like that changed my life forever and I hope she is reading this
To this day I still love her, she isn't with me because I put her through alot of shit
I remember everything we did together like it all happened yesterday
I made bad decision and I regret it now I really wish I went the right way
What I guess I'm trying to tell all men don't ever let go of the woman that truly loves you
It's when she goes and you realize how lonely you are at night that's when you see that her love was really true
I guess running around being single was the thing to do when I was younger
Now I think we need to be together
And now that I'm mature I'm ready to be with my One love forever
Sometimes I say to myself before I go to sleep that she is all I need I will never let go
I'm tired of just finding puppy love it's time for us to be together and our love has to grow
After expressing myself I hope she sees what I'm saying and forget all the things I did
So I could show her now I'm a grown man, forgive me for all that childish things I did when I was a kid

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