Pain is Love

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Have you ever been with a girl that you only knew for my one day
Something about her just makes you happy all the time, she just makes you feel good in a special way
But when you and her finally get close you find out that she is leaving
Everyday after that you find yourself in your room always thinking
About ways that you can keep her close to your heart no matter what happens
Then you realize you love her because when you tell your boys all they're doing is laughing
But that does matter to you because at the end of the day she makes you happy
When she finally leaves it eats your heart and you wake up with your hair always nappy
And then your not able to sleep at night because she been on your mind all day
And when you see couples walking down the street holding hands it makes you feel a type of way
You ask yourself does she know that she turned your heart into flames
And it's hard to take the pain know she not around, and it hurts your brain
At this moment you realize you can't continue with out her and she needs to be next you
As months pass you have no idea what you are planning to do
At this moment she became what you would like to call your distant lover
Then when you least expect it she is standing in front of you and you and her are finally together
Then she explains that she was feeling the same way you was feel the whole time
I guess that's why they call pain is love because it takes you on long ride.

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