She Aint My Girl

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This is one of those stories that you guys and girl are going to enjoy
Because It seems that I'm the type of nigga that likes to talk to women that are taken, just testing to see if they want to mess with a man instead of a boy
I don't why but woman are more attractive when you can't have them
So like always i go after them because to me that's never going to be a hard problem
So it all started with HIM and her going out for a long period of time
And I decided to put myself on this sexii ass girl that isn't really mine
When I first saw her all I wanted to do was rip her clothes off and bite her all over
But before that happened I told her to come to my house and I will show her how a real man will hold her
Once she stepped in my house I showed her a side of me that she never seen before
Since my house is empty I told her take all your clothes off and lay on the floor
So I put my tongue on her and ran it up and down..
You already know her eyes are In the back of her head right now
If You were there to be a witness, you could hear her saying she loves the way we fuck
I'm a grimey nigga but pleasing woman is what I do, and I got evidence look how she scratched me up ;)
When he's calls your phone and you don't pick up, then you call me daddy
That's when I know tonight You Belong To Me
The beautiful thing about me is when I see HIM and her the next day that doesn't even mess up my world
Because at the end of the day she going to be in my bed later, and I will never She Aint My Girl.

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