I Have A Dream

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We as people all have a responsibility to help our people that don't have the ability or opportunity to do so for themselves, so the situation that HAITI, UNITED STATES and everyone else went through we all think its abnormality. We as people or black people will always stand up in adversity and shine. No matter how much brutality we as people must come together and show our capablity that we can help our people even if they not family. What we need to do is start a charity show each other that we are not his nations but we are a big community that as a lot of creativity

I see the brutality of life co existing in irrationality and imoratality breaking down the principiality and conditionality of cause and effect like the untrained mind of man with split personality just trying to gain respect, blinding following what he is told never learning to be so bold as to question his own normality in what we call reality
Cause the equation has been lost on translation, rewarded to fit our desperation and to solve our current situation. But the manifestation of realization cannot choose it orientation, it has a simple interpretation. Love who you really are, follow your vocation listen to your soul, and allow mediation. Then your determination will lead to the eventual levitation of the ultimate being and the presentation of the salvation will manifest it's self through this abbervation G.O.D.

We are all the same, simple specs of star dust from the great flame so before you go out to try to gain your worldly acclaim and reach international fame, understand your physical being is nothing, yes nothing but a name. This is not game, noting to be ashamed of but our people need us.

Dedicated to Haiti, New York and the world
I don't have to be HAITIAN to show my respect..

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