What an Angel Desires

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This Poem was motivated by song called Iris and Goo Goo Dolls actually made it. When ever i hear this song i feel like I'm actually apart of it . hope you feel the same when you read it. Video is down below

What an Angel Desire

My only job was to watch her and make sure I was always at her side
Being her angel wasn't easy because I wanted her to be all mine
God told me she never leaves your site no matter what happen
When I first met her I realize that I wanted her to be my Co captain
As her guardian angel I watched her all her life, noticing how beautiful she has become
When I'm around her and the wind blows, her scent makes my blood run
I told a lot of angels that there is something that I need to be done
I told them I didn't want to be an angel all I wanted was her to be the one
God told me in order to be able to touch her once you I would have to make a sacrifice
With no hesitation I said OK because I felt as if this was all right
And I'd give up forever and eternity just for a touch of you
Because I know one day no matter what you will feel me somehow
To me you're the closest thing to heaven that I will ever be
And I don't want to be an angel of God right now
The first day I spend with you was marvelous and I've been waiting for this day
When my lips finally felt yours I knew this was the better way
We been together for a while so tonight I decided to make her a special dinner
So she told me that she is going out to get me something and I couldn't come with her
As I was making that dinner an angel paid me a visit
And asked me do I remember that I have to make a sacrifice, as I waited for him to tell what was it
I smelled her scent coming near, but I also felt my heart stop beating
The angel said that you only had a month with her and one night you will go back with out telling her your leaving
And all I can taste and feel is this very cold moment
And all I can breathe is her beautiful and wonderful life
Because sooner or later I knew all of this would be all over
I just don't want to give her all up tonight
God asked me do I think everything will be alright
Someone also asked me was it all worth it and my response was " I would rather have one breath of hair, one kiss of her mouth
One touch of her soft skin than eternity without.


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