Crying out to Me

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This is the girl that I love with all my heart
But I notice things between us are starting to push us apart
Argument after argument pushes us away from each other
But no matter what I will do what ever it takes to keep us together
From this day on she will always be my baby
But something happen between us and I can feel her heart Crying Out To Me
I made a promise that I will be there for you anytime
Your so beautiful the young glorious angel of mine
Now I'm going to tell you about this twisted and hard turn in our life
Today I went shopping and bought her a 14k diamond because this is the girl I wanted to be my wife
I told her to meet me in our special area where we first met
I needed her to be there no matter what, I was going to do something to make her feel better than the rest
As I waited and waited wondering where she could be
I felt something strange like my girl heart was Crying Out To Me
I knew something wasn't right
I got the phone call say she is fighting to survive with all her might
Rushed over to her location so I could see her face
So I could tell her don't leave me heaven can wait
I felt her heart crying out to me once again
But I could feel that this one was going to be the end
The girl that I loved so much died in a car accident that night
So the only way I could be close to her was for me to end my life

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