Infidelity: Seduction Saga

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I thought she came to visit me, but that was actually a lie
This whole time I thought I was being grimey it's time for me to open my eyes
As I stood in my doorway I watched her hug on this bitches husband
You guys are probably confused so let me tell you something
I cheated on my girl with my home boys wife
But my girl is having sex with my same home boy everynight
So as I stood there and watched, I could feel my blood pressure is shooting through the roof
For some reason I didn't want interupt especially since that might be her new boo
As she is screaming calling his name calling him daddy and all that good shit
I sat in my dark ass living trying to figure which one of them is Going to pay the devil a visit
You probably asking why would I do that, when I'm doing the same thing
I don't care another dude fucking in my bed is violating
Now that there little sex session is over they lay in my bed and fell asleep
I stand over both of them with the gun cocked realizing that literally 2mins ago this was me
Smfh too bad trigger pulled both are dead now
I threw them over this bridge and watched them hit the ocean ground
Now as I seat in the police station with alot of emotion I knew I was goingto be safe
Because while I was sitting I saw this familiar ass face
I'm lookin and I'm looking but I can't believe I saw her
The detective is my girlfriend oldest brother.....

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