Seduction is one thing Sex is another

posted by ACE theDIRECTOR

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Now that I got her here in room there is no need for me to seduce her
She don't even have to work that hard I'm stiff as ruler
As I rubb my hand down her back feeling on her damn titties
Tonight going to be her night I know she glad that she with me
She opened up her legs and the pussy is pink like Nuvo
She looked at me and said "ACE you my daddy tonight" I was like as long as you know
I was thinking about using a condom or going raw who's better
I said fuck it don't matter it's me I'm going to get her even wetter
Tonight is the night how did I just let this happen
I shouldn't be complaining her pussy feel just like magic
What I'm doing is bad but I just had to have it
Lights off room hot I can feel her legs twitching
I hope she don't think I'm done because I got alot of positions
As I went down low I started licking
I put my d**k back inside her because that's who's missing
This is all a true story so please keep listening
I heard someone opening my door and I started tripping
I got out the bed now to see who is it
Turns out my girl came through to pay me a visit..

To be continued...

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