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I notice this girl seating across for me, just something about her I couldn't take my eyes off
Shit between me and her would be complicated but I will wait till her man is gone
I walked over and said that I was feeling her so badly
She turn around and showed me her style, in my head I was like damn this girl so cocky
Every movement that she made turned me on even more
I told her what I wanted to do with her is have sex on the bathroom floor
She whispered in my ear and said my man is pissing me off do you want to fill that space
So I said let's be out ain't no point of us being here and we can head to my place
We made it to my house and all we could do is take each other down
I made my way over to her, started to kiss her neck as I laid her on the ground
I told her tonight you belong to me but we're going to play little game
I wont tell anybody so there is no need to be afraid
Baby I want you to show me how much you want it, your going to have to prove it tonight
You could have anything from me that you want as long as your satisfied
Before my hands could even touch her I could tell her body was on fire
Their is no need to worry because my mind as discovered tons of positions we can try
They only problem is I think I'm going to have sex with my best friends wife

To be Continued.....


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